9 Memberships Every Blogger Should Be Aware Of

Blogging is more than just a hobby or profession; it’s a journey into the expanse of digital communication, innovation, and community. As you travel through the ever-changing landscape of the internet, memberships to certain communities, services, and resources become invaluable. These memberships can provide you with tools, knowledge, and networks that are indispensable for a blogger’s growth and success.

In this post, we’ve curated a list of 9 memberships that every blogger should consider. These are exclusive for their wealth of resources, opportunities for networking, and potential to significantly improve your blog’s performance.

1. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

Website: contentmarketinginstitute.com

The Content Marketing Institute is a gold mine for bloggers focused on leveraging content for business growth. Joining CMI can help you stay ahead of the curve with access to exclusive research, webinars, and an extensive library of how-to guides. Their annual Content Marketing World conference is a must-attend event for content creators looking for inspiration and new strategies.

2. ProBlogger

Website: problogger.com

ProBlogger is your go-to platform when it comes to blogging wisdom. Founded by veteran blogger Darren Rowse, this community provides essential tips and courses for bloggers of all levels. Membership grants access to a treasure trove of articles, podcasts, and community forums aimed at enhancing your blogging skillset.

3. Copyblogger

Website: copyblogger.com

Copywriting is a crucial skill for any blogger, and Copyblogger is the membership that can help you master it. Their comprehensive resources, including the Copyblogger Academy, offer education on content marketing, writing, and SEO. By joining, you refine your writing skills, learn how to engage your audience, and convert readers into customers or subscribers.

4. Moz Pro

Website: moz.com

SEO is vital to a blog’s visibility and success, and Moz Pro is one of the best tools for SEO insights and analytics. With a membership, you get access to keyword research tools, site audits, and in-depth reports on how your blog is performing in search rankings. Plus, you’ll be part of Moz’s community, which is a powerhouse of SEO professionals and knowledge sharing.

5. Ahrefs

Website: ahrefs.com

Another essential tool for bloggers looking to boost their SEO is Ahrefs. Its extensive database and tools provide insights into your competitors’ strategies, backlink analysis, and content gap opportunities. With Ahrefs, you can take a deep dive into what works in your niche and how to leverage SEO for increased traffic and engagement.

6. ConvertKit

Website: convertkit.com

Email marketing remains a highly effective method of reaching your audience. ConvertKit offers a user-friendly platform designed specifically for bloggers and creators. It makes managing your email list and creating email campaigns straightforward. By becoming a member, you gain access to email templates, automation, and integrations that can help turn your subscribers into a loyal community.

7. Tailwind

Website: tailwindapp.com

For bloggers who harness the power of visual content and social media, Tailwind is a membership that offers a suite of marketing tools for platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Tailwind’s scheduling features and analytics help bloggers maximize their online presence and grow their followers through consistent and strategic posting.

8. Blogging Groups and Associations

Example: Blogging communities on Facebook or LinkedIn Groups

Networking is key to growth and success, so joining blogging groups and associations is a step in the right direction. From niche-specific communities to broad blogging networks, these groups offer collaboration opportunities, peer support, and the sharing of experiences and advice. Examples include the WordPress community, or The Blogging Squad group on Facebook.

9. WordPress VIP

Website: wpvip.com

If you are serious about blogging and expect high volumes of traffic, WordPress VIP is an enterprise-level hosting and support service for WordPress users. It offers robust hosting solutions, security, and performance optimization for your blog. With this membership, you have the power of WordPress with added features that are essential for managing a professional, high-traffic blog.

Best Practices for Utilizing Memberships

Having highlighted these memberships, how do you ensure you’re getting the most out of them? Here are several best practices:

  • Engage actively: Join forums or discussions, participate in webinars, and network within these communities. The more you interact, the more you can gain.
  • Leverage educational resources: Make the most of any courses, tutorials, or webinars offered by these platforms to develop your skills and knowledge continually.
  • Implement tools and insights: Apply the data and analytical tools provided by SEO and marketing memberships to refine your blogging strategies.
  • Share and learn from experiences: Use networking groups to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, or offer insights from your own journey.
  • Stay updated: Ensure that you stay up-to-date with any new features or changes in the memberships you belong to, as these platforms often evolve.


Blogging isn’t just about writing content; it’s about growing an audience, improving your skills, and staying up-to-date with the latest digital trends – memberships can play a pivotal role in all these areas. Whether it’s engaging with content strategy from CMI, refining your SEO with Ahrefs, or networking through community groups, these memberships provide an edge in the competitive blogosphere.

Remember that as valuable as these memberships are, they are tools and communities to support your growth. The true success of your blogging journey depends on your persistence, creativity, and ability to adapt in the fast-paced digital world – and these memberships will be there to guide you every step of the way. So consider investing in these 9 memberships to help transform your blogging into a rewarding career.