14 Strangest Niche Blog Topics That Are Actually Successful

When it comes to blogging, there’s a conventional path that many follow — lifestyle, travel, fashion, technology, and business, to name a few. However, in the vast ocean of content, some bloggers have dared to dive into the peculiar and obscure. Believe it or not, these strange little niches have not just survived but thrived, garnering dedicated followings and turning oddball subject matter into internet gold. Let’s take a walk on the weirder side of the web and explore 14 strangest niche blog topics that have, against the odds, found successful formulas.

1. The Ugly Underbelly of Fruit Stickers

Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a niche for those tiny labels on your fruit. Collectors and enthusiasts share, trade, and discuss the endless variety of fruit stickers from around the world. These blogs showcase the surprisingly broad range of designs and offer a window into the small, sticky world many of us overlook.

2. Bread Faces

Who knew that squishing your face into different types of bread could capture the internet’s attention? These blogs focus on the sensory pleasure derived from the textures and sounds of bread-squishing, complete with ratings on softness and smell. Bread Face Blog, for instance, has elevated this strange activity to an art form.

3. The World of Competitive Rock Paper Scissors

Competitive Rock Paper Scissors takes a child’s game to a serious level. Blogs dedicated to this competitive scene cover strategies, player profiles, and tournament news. The light-hearted yet earnest treatment of the subject makes for surprisingly engaging content.

4. Color Pencil Collecting

Beyond their use in art, color pencils have a passionate collector’s base. Niche blogs chronicle the history, manufacturing, and subtle differences among brands and editions. They also offer a platform for collectors to showcase and discuss their prized sets.

5. Elevator Enthusiasts

These bloggers go up and down chronicling the fascinating world of lifts and escalators. Covering everything from the mechanics to the history and architectural integration of elevators, these blogs ride to success on a wave of technical details and sheer enthusiasm.

6. Dumpster Diving Diaries

More than just a how-to guide for freegans, dumpster diving blogs are about the thrill of the find. They cover best practices for safety and legality, share tips to find the best spots, and celebrate the most remarkable discoveries, presenting a mix of environmentalism and adventure.

7. Squirrel Obstacle Courses

Squirrel enthusiasts have taken their love to new heights, designing intricate obstacle courses and sharing the hilarity that ensues. These blogs are filled with photos, videos, and how-tos for building your own backyard course, knit together with tales of persistent squirrels and their entertaining antics.

8. Weird Toilets

Toilets might not seem like a topic of interest, but when they are outlandish, historical, or bizarrely designed, they become blog-worthy. These niche sites tour the world showcasing the strangest places people do their business, from high-tech to no-tech, explicating the cultural backdrop of restroom rituals.

9. The Tactical Usage of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap has its loyalists, and not just for popping. Some blogs delve into the tactical uses of bubble wrap, including insulation, fashion, and soundproofing. They share the best bubble wrap practices and innovation, reveling in the myriad uses of this ubiquitous packing material.

10. Extreme Ironing

Yes, extreme ironing is a thing. This bizarre sport, where people iron clothes in extreme situations and locations, has its own corner of the internet. Blogs in this niche share the best extreme ironing feats, offer tips for would-be participants, and explore the quirky side of wrinkle-free clothes.

11. The Art of Towel Animals

Housekeeping on cruise ships has sparked a trend that’s translated into blogging success. Towel animal blogs are dedicated to the creation and appreciation of bath towel origami. These resourceful sites provide step-by-step guides to making everything from swans to monkeys out of your humble terrycloth.

12. Potato Chip Bag Collecting

There’s something irresistible about the art and flavor text of potato chip bags. Collectors share their discoveries of rare, unusual, or international varieties of these crunchy snacks. Through high-quality images and engaging narration, these blogs document the often overlooked world of snack packaging.

13. The Cult of the Banana Label

Similar to fruit sticker enthusiasts, banana label collectors peel back the layers of their hobby on their blogs. From the branding and marketing to finding rare labels from far-off lands, these sites chart the peel-appeal of bananas and their stickers to a niche audience.

14. The Zen of Vacuuming

Cleaning can be therapeutic, and there’s a tiny corner of the blogging world dedicated to the mindfulness and satisfaction derived from vacuuming. From reviews of the latest models to tips for perfect vacuuming techniques, these blogs turn a common household chore into a form of art and mental wellness.

Strangeness Equals Success?

The lesson from these bizarre blogs is clear: no niche is too small, too weird, or too specific. These bloggers found a unique corner, poured their passion into it, and connected with like-minded individuals, illustrating the true diversity of the internet’s ecosystem.

Moreover, the success of these niche blogs comes down to best SEO practices. They use long-tail keywords that tap into specific interests, which often have less competition and a more engaged audience. Their content is rich, unique, and provides value, whether that’s through laughter, advice, or sheer curiosity.

Every successful blog tells a story. It uses images and even video to enrich its storytelling and optimizes each post for readability with clear headings, short paragraphs, and a friendly, conversational tone. A strategic posting schedule, combined with social media promotion, helps these niche blogs build and maintain an audience.


The beauty of these strange and successful niche blogs is that they remind us of the endless possibilities the internet provides. For every odd hobby, interest, or passion, there can be a thriving, dedicated community. If you’re considering starting a niche blog, take inspiration from these peculiar subjects. Be authentic, use SEO to your advantage, and perhaps your blog, no matter how strange the topic, can find its own success.output1.png